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I am pleased to announce that I’m going to be producing some written texts to accompany and supplement the HOARD 2014 art project in Leeds.


I travelled to Leeds on Wednesday 16th March to meet and discuss ideas with the project curator, photographer Sarah Francis.


It was exciting to see lots of the HOARD artists’ works in situ, or, rather, the accumulated stuff of these artists’ art, things that might be the raw materials for a work of art, the inspiration for one, or might actually become the art work itself.


I expect my own work for HOARD to take a variety of forms. It will be driven largely by my current writing practice. As regular readers of this blog will know, I’ve spent the last year reconstructing my writing style: I’ve become bolder in my manipulation of sentence structures and freer in my approach to form. In short, my writing has become more experimental. I am now writing with the courage of my convictions.


It is appropriate that my writing for HOARD form part of my ongoing exploration of style and form. As the project’s own website says, HOARD itself involves ‘a group of artists … hoarding objects and artefacts relating to their practice: finished artworks, props, curiosities, documents, traces, plans, remnants.’ I will be creating ideas, writing them, hoarding them, refashioning them, reframing and un-framing them as the occasion suits.


Sarah Francis and I discussed the forms in which my texts will be made available. We agreed that I would be able to contribute an on-going series of blog style pieces as well as longer works. We have placed the emphasis on the experimental.


I am very excited about this new venture. For further updates about the texts I intend to write, please keep an eye on this blog or follow me on Twitter: @CulturalWriter.



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