My Sourdough: A Photographic Biography

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If you follow my tweets you'll know that since Christmas I've taken up home baking as a hobby.


I don't make all our bread - far from it. We're still largely dependent upon bought, sliced loaves for lunches. However, I have been able to bake at least one loaf a week, sometimes more.


I've recently become a little more adventurous and have started to bake sourdough loaves.


Now, almost all bakers will tell you that there is something uniquely satisfying about using sourdoughs. However, in telling you about my own baking experiences I want to avoid all the usual platitudes. I would prefer to bring my own interest and expertise in writing and memoir to the subject. So, in this blog post I am happy to offer a different kind of Life Writing - a photographic biography of my first ever sourdough loaf.


Sourdough 1

Sourdough 2


My sourdough, ready to start its life journey. Onwards and upwards!



 Sourdough 3


And the same dough, ready for its prove. This is when the loaf really came into its own. Really, it proved itself!

Sourdough 4

Sourdough 5


Proved and ready to bake... At this stage, the loaf was all grown up.


Sourdough 6

Sourdough 7


The finished loaf. Mature, well-cultured and rich - a success.