New Publications: A Writer's Response to "Mobile Homestead Videos"

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I’ve recently been invited by Site Gallery in Sheffield to produce a ‘writer’s response’ to their exhibition of works by the American artist Mike Kelley (1954-2012).


The exhibition is entitled Mobile Homestead Videos, and focuses on Kelley’s recreation of his childhood home in Detroit. The fact that Site Gallery’s Artistic Director, Laura Sillars, was herself the location producer of the films on show in the exhibition, together with the gallery’s established international reputation, made this invitation particularly special.


In the end, my 'writer's response' took the form of two short texts. These are fragments of memoir and are almost entirely true.


The first, entitled ‘I Lived There, Once’, describes a house move. The second, ‘A Place that isn’t my Home’ focuses on the experience of viewing the exhibition at Site itself. It also offers some commentary on the relationship between ‘home’ and ‘gallery’.


Both texts have now been published online by Site Gallery themselves on their tumblr page. You can access this here. The two texts will also be available in the gallery itself, so if you visit the exhibition, do make sure you look out for them.


Alternatively, you can access the texts directly using the following links:


‘I Lived There, Once’:

‘A Place that isn’t my Home’:


For details about the exhibition, including opening times and exhibition dates, please see the Site Gallery website, here.



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