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If you’ve been reading my blog posts on this website, or have been following my tweets, you’ll know that I was recently invited to produce a ‘writer’s response’ to the Mike Kelley exhibition, Mobile Homestead Videos, at Site Gallery in Sheffield.

In the end, my response took the form of two short pieces of memoir or 'life writing' entitled ‘I Lived There, Once’ and ‘A Place that isn’t my Home’.

These texts were initially made available to read and download on Site Gallery’s own Tumblr page, which you can view here.


The texts have now also been printed into some attractive mini booklets which are available to collect in the Gallery itself.

This week I have visited Sheffield myself in order to see my texts on site in Site. I couldn’t have been more pleased. They have been arranged on a small table in the foyer, right by the entrance to the main gallery space.

If you haven’t collected your copies yet then do pop into Site Gallery soon.

 Sign for my texts in Site Gallery


 My texts in Site Gallery


My texts in Site Gallery 2


Alternatively, if you can’t make it to Sheffield, you can still read the texts online.


‘I Lived There, Once’:

‘A Place that isn’t my Home’:



For details about the exhibition, including opening times and exhibition dates, please see Site Gallery's own website, here.




Text © James Holden 2013

Pictures © James Holden 2013