Review: Wu Chi-Tsung, 'Dust'

On Wednesday 14th May 2014 I reviewed Wu Chi-Tsung’s exhibition 'Dust' at Sheffield’s Site Gallery on Twitter. I grouped all of my comments together using the hashtag #CulturalWriterReviews.


This was a form of review that I had previously adopted for ‘The 8th British Mini Print Exhibition’ at The Civic in Barnsley earlier in the year. It was successful on that occasion and I wanted to experiment further with the form.


If you missed out on my tweets about 'Dust' as they were posted on social media, or if you don’t follow me on Twitter (where I write as @CulturalWriter), don’t worry! I’ve gathered all of the comments here for you to re-read. Please feel free to contact me via Twitter or by using the Contact Form to let me know your thoughts.



The Review:


I’m now going to be tweeting some review comments on Wu Chi-Tsung, ‘Dust’ @site_gallery using #CulturalWriterReviews


You can think of my comments as motes moving across the screen! #Dust #CulturalWriterReviews


The darkness in @site_gallery is initially disorientating; the art, for the moment, remains unseen. #Dust #CulturalWriterReviews


So disorientating is the darkness in @site_gallery that I walked into a pillar! #Dust #CulturalWriterReviews


Wu Chi-Tsung’s work doesn’t fill the gallery, as I expected. But, it is *of* the gallery. #Dust #CulturalWriterReviews


This is work drawn out of thin air but not quite nothing… #Dust #CulturalWriterReviews @site_gallery


The work makes art out of the very gallery itself, drawing itself from the very air. It is the gallery projected. #CulturalWriterReviews


It is work that literally shows us ourselves as we fall apart and in the beauty of our environment. #Dust #CulturalWriterReviews


There is something strange here. This minute, microscopic attention reveals something on a macro scale. #Dust #CulturalWriterReviews


The motes that drift across the screen are like points of light turning through the star field on time-lapse. #Dust #CulturalWriterReviews


This is not 'stars like grains of sand' but grains of dust like stars. #Dust #CulturalWriterReviews @site_gallery


The light flares like a solar event. #Dust #CulturalWriterReviews


When you stand in @site_gallery to see #Dust you both look at the art work and stand inside it. #CulturalWriterReviews


After I’d looked at ‘Dust’ @site_gallery for a minute I was slightly unenthused. After five minutes I was enthralled. #CulturalWriterReviews


A little more information about the technology involved and the play of space would’ve been interesting. #Dust #CulturalWriterReviews


Wu Chi-Tsung’s #Dust is on @site_gallery until 31st May 2014. See for full details and opening times.




The exhibition runs at Site Gallery in Sheffield from 4th April 2014 to 31st May 2014. For more details, see the Site Gallery website by clicking here.



All tweets originally posted on Twitter by myself writing as @CulturalWriter on Wednesday 14th May 2014.




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Published Thursday  15th May 2014