Memory Sequence: Greece [1]

The sea in the bright morning sunshine, a shingle beach, a hired car, an ancient abandoned city on a hillside, a four-lane carriageway, a series of incomprehensible road signs, a hired bicycle with a basket on the front, buying a bunch of bananas and a bottle of water, a rocky path into the hills, the view of the valley, an olive tree in a courtyard, an ancient church, a sacred wall painting, the lighting of a candle, a tour guide speaking in Americanised English, a sun that will always set (‘that’s the only thing of which we can be certain’), a restaurant on a terrace, cruise ships in the caldera, a donkey ride up the mountain, the sea in the sinking sunshine.



 by James Holden


This text was first published here on Wednesday 27th August 2014. It was re-published on my Writer's Blog on the HOARD website on September 22nd 2014.




Published here Wednesday 27th August 2014.

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