Review: The 8th British Mini Print Exhibition

On the afternoon of Monday 27th January 2014 I live reviewed the 8th British Mini Print exhibition, run by the Printmakers Council and on show at the Barnsley Civic, on Twitter. I grouped all of my tweets together using the hashtag #CulturalWriterReviews so that people could follow my review as it unfolded on social media.


The Mini Print Exhibition featured 197 mini prints of all types together with a few larger works by ‘invited artists’.


There were strict rules about the size of the mini prints that could be submitted for consideration, and therefore be selected for inclusion in the final show. Artists were limited to dimensions no bigger than 8 x 10 cm.


My intention in reviewing the show on Twitter was to create a series of mini thoughts and responses prompted by the mini prints. Where the artists were restricted to 80 cm2  I would be limited to 140 characters. This became even more difficult as I had to include #CulturalWriterReviews in every tweet. Like the prints, I wanted my tweets to become artistic miniatures, little modernist statements or imagist comments, poetic in their own understated way.


I have reproduced my tweets from that afternoon below in sequence so that you can now read my review again. Please feel free to contact me via Twitter or by using the contact form to let me know your thoughts.




The review:


I'm now going to review the @PmCouncil mini print #exhibition @BarnsleyCivic using #CulturalWriterReviews - RTs and follows welcome.


My tweet review comments will be mini thoughts and responses to the mini prints. #CulturalWriterReviews


Numbers in my review tweets refer to the specific print number in the #exhibition and catalogue. #CulturalWriterReviews


A kind of domestic gothic in O'Connor's prints, 89 and 90, grainy, fading impressions, visuals vanishing. #CulturalWriterReviews


The darkened lines of 65, by Litsios, "Midnight Mist", layers of what's perceivable, pencil-like lines shaded away. #CulturalWriterReviews


Print 144, "Byte Bits" by Turner, a mini print of a printed miniature, a circuit board, printing en abyme. #CulturalWriterReviews


137 "Mini 'Les Meninas'" by Thwaites, art history re-imagined, a new order of size suggests new readings of Foucault. #CulturalWriterReviews


The relationship between prints 141 and 142, by T'sas, and 173, by Winston: drops. #CulturalWriterReviews


The influence or echo of Wadsworth in print 157, "Rocks", by Watson. #CulturalWriterReviews


The most enigmatic, allusive print here, 190, by Zeneli, "The Inside Light of a Certain Object". #CulturalWriterReviews


What object is this? What light, this certain light, the certain light of this certain object? Print 190 by Zeneli. #CulturalWriterReviews


A sad, beautiful fantasy, print 173 by Winston. Rain falling upwards; or is the sea weeping? #CulturalWriterReviews


The prints by Boyadjieff, numbers 15, 16 and 17, like found Victorian ephemera. #CulturalWriterReviews


I'm currently reviewing the @PmCouncil 8th International Mini Print exhibition @BarnsleyCivic using #CulturalWriterReviews


The quiet glimpse of a hundred framed mini prints through the arch @BarnsleyCivic, each its own quiet glimpse. #CulturalWriterReviews


Amongst the most effective mini prints those in monochrome, simplicity of palette matching scale, yet all complex. #CulturalWriterReviews


Stills of the sea, sand and sky, all stopped still, their immensity made to fit - prints 101, 98, 99, 40, 173. #CulturalWriterReviews


And here, a splash of colour, print 133, "Red and Yellow" by Sykes, lush, dazzling in contrast. #CulturalWriterReviews


Print 171, "Notes from Nowhere" by Wilson, birds like planes, like a fairytale, like Stapledon's "Star Maker". #CulturalWriterReviews






The exhibition runs at the Barnsley Civic from Wednesday 15th January 2014 to Friday 28th February 2014. For more details, click here.



All tweets originally posted on Twitter by myself writing as @CulturalWriter on Monday 27th January 2014.


© James Holden 2014

Published Tuesday 28th January 2014