I grew up playing videogames on an NES and SNES. I played my first tabletop roleplaying game when I was 11 years old. When I was 14 I spent the entire summer creating my own TTRPG system from scratch. At university I wrote my Master's degree dissertation on cyberpunk and my doctoral thesis on SF. I then co-authored an experimental book on SF called Conceptual Breakthrough: Two Experiments in SF Criticism.

I now game on my Nintendo Switch. I've also graduated from making up my own RPG systems to DMing a homebrewed DnD campaign using Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition. I am also an avid modern boardgamer with a preference for thematic Euro-style games.

Feature article: 'Sheffield: A meeple city'

Tabletop gaming is a social activity, as the example of Sheffield shows.

The Yokshire city is now not just the Steel City but also a Meeple City, as gaming opportunities and the number of possible venues for play have multiplied in the last few years.

Want to get involved? Click on the button below to read my feature on some of the great places for tabletop gaming in Sheffield.

Sheffield: A Meeple City

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