Language Learning

There are so many benefits to learning a second language - from making new friends to developing a deeper engagement with a different culture. And the opportunities to learn another language have never been greater. What once might have been an experinence restricted to textbooks and classrooms has been opened up by online interactivity, easy access to compelling comprehensible input from around the world and meaningful interactions with native speakers.

It is possible to learn a language as an adult. Better still, it is possible to do this in a self-directed way, at your own pace, at home and without having lessons.

I've spent over four years learning French at my own pace, and it has never been anything less than a rewarding, enriching experience. If you are starting your own language learning journey, or are already learning French, you'll benefit from the articles below, which set out my own route to exam success as well as detailing my approach to language study and the resources I used.

How I Passed the DELF B2 Exam (without having lessons)

In the article below I explain how I went from near beginner level in French to confidently passing the official DELF B2 exam (with a score or 90.5 out of 100) without having any lessons. I provide an overview of my processes, and a full account of the learning strategies I employed at the different stages of my journey.

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Part 1 - Overview

What are the DELF exams? What level is B2 on the CEFR? And how did I go from close to beginner level to B2 exam success without having lessons?

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Part 2 - Learning Strategies

It's one thing to want to learn a language. It's another to do it. Discover the learning strategies I employed on my self-directed language learning journey to DELF B2 exam success.

Studying for the DELF B2 Exam

Are you learning French? Thinking of sitting the official DELF B2 exam? In the articles grouped below I'll help you on your way, providing you with a list of the learning resources that worked for me, as well as a full account of what to expect on the day of the exam itself. 

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Language Learning Resources (for self-directed learners of French)

Discover the various learning resources I used on my self-directed language learning journey with French.

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What to expect when sitting the DELF B2 exam

Thinking of sitting the DELF B2 exam yourself? This is what you should expect before and during the exam...