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It is not just Liszt's pianistic brilliance that thrills me. Nor is it merely the brilliance and complexity of his personality. It's also his commitment to his own creative vision. His performances, compositions and writings are all part of the same sustained intellectual effort.

Liszt's life and work have caused me to make my own sustained intellectual effort. I have spent the last seven years engaged in writing a book on him and his fellow Romantic pianists, Chopin and Mendelssohn. Liszt once said: 'Le concert. C'est moi.' I say: 'Le piano. C'est Liszt.'

Writing and research on Liszt

Liszt Piano Music and Philosophy

Liszt Book Project

I've spent the last 7 years researching and writing an academic work on Liszt, his peers and the relationship between their views on music and those expressed in works of aesthetics. I am currently approaching academic publishers with this work.

Liszt Piano Music and Obermann

Liszt & ObermanN

Published in the Liszt Society Journal, my article 'Obermann on Obermann' asks whether the eponymous character from Senancour's novel Obermann would like the piano music inspired by the book in which he appears - Liszt's 'VallĂ©e d’Obermann'.

Liszt Piano Music, Pencil and Cultural Writer Bade

Liszt Articles

I've written articles on my relationship with Liszt and his music. I charted my own efforts to play one of his piano pieces for The Journal of Music, and decribed my love of his piece 'Benediction' for Cross-Eyed Pianist's website.