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Proustain Paths is the new book podcast that takes you on a gentle walk through a classic work of French literature – Marcel Proust’s In Search of Lost Time.

Join your audio tour guide James Holden on this journey through a modern literary masterpiece. Use the podcast player to the left of the screen to listen to the show right now, or use the links below to find Proustian Paths on your favourite podcast platform.

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Reading Along with Proustian Paths

Below is a list of the sections covered in each episode. You can use this to help you read along with the podcast. Or, use it to navigate your way straight to your favourite section. Of course, if you are reading along with the podcast, then let us know over on social media.

Episode 4: The Way by Swann's, pp. 134-187.

Episode 3: The Way by Swann's, pp. 51-134.

Episode 2: The Way by Swann's, pp. 46-50.

Episode 1: The Way By Swann's, pp. 7-46.

NB: All page numbers refer to the 6 volume English translation published in 2002 under the general editorship of Christopher Prendergast.

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