I am pleased to be involved with the HOARD 2014 art project in Leeds, Yorkshire.

This is an exciting multi-platform project that is working ‘Towards An Archaeology of the Artist’s Mind’. This direction is being mapped by ‘a group of artists [who] are hoarding objects and artefacts relating to their practice: finished artworks, props, curiosities, documents, traces, plans, remnants’. The whole thing is curated by the Leeds-based artist and photographer, Sarah Francis.

I’m working alongside Sarah and the other HOARD artists as a writer and am producing new and innovative texts. These pieces signal a new phase of development in my own writing practice.

My texts for the project are initially posted on the Writer’s Blog of the HOARD website. They are then reposted here. You can use the links below to read any of the texts.

Printed copies of my HOARD texts may also be made available in Darwin House, the home of HOARD in Leeds, during events and public openings.

Memory Sequence: Greece [1]

The Empty Bookshelf

...the keys I've hoarded ...

HOARD: My Writer's Objectives


... the keys I've hoarded ...

Image: HOARD artist Sarah Binless' reworking of my own HOARD text '... the keys I've hoarded ...'  © Sarah Binless 2014


You can read my Writer’s Blog on the HOARD website here.

You can see my Writer’s page on the HOARD website here.

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All texts © James Holden 2014